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Nov 29, 2010

L1 going into protect mode.....

after testing my L1 System at home after my gig on Friday evening at the bar I have come to the reasonable conclusion at this point that the problem of my L1 <bad word> out was the result of a possible bad wall plug and or circut.
I dont know what other Bose system users here have encountered but I would suggest if this happens to you where you are playing to try another wall plug as I am sure if the plug or circut is bad that this can become an issue in running the L1 Properly.
AND YES ...there can be more than one bad wall plug and or circut depending on where you are playing......Old wiring ....old plugs....and there can be as many as 8 plugs on one circut also.These can contribute to the L1 going into protect mode.

Hope this helps
Happy New Year to the Bose Crew and all the L1 Users here.

God Is Great - Beer Is Good - The Bose L1 System Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin

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May 20, 2020

Re: L1 going into protect mode.....


Glad to hear that it is working again. If you are running into a lot of clubs/venues that have this issue, you may want to look into getting a Voltage Regulator. Here is a link to some voltage regulators made by Furman: http://bit.ly/gPgKNi. They are just one brand that makes power conditioning equipment for live sound use.

Thank you and have a great day!