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Sep 19, 2019

L1 in Gymnasium

Hey there. I just got a L1 compact last week. And used it the next day for a small funeral. . It worked great. I'm using it with a Makie mixer.  I play in a guitar duo. We even had to turn it down, (It was a funeral) very impressed My partner loved how natural our guitars sounded. And she heard every note. I want to test it outdoors to see how and what the coverage would be. And I want to use it playing music from a computer in a high school gymnasium also. Any thoughts.



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Jul 19, 2018

Re: L1 in Gymnasium

I use compacts outdoors for wedding ceremonies, cocktail music, and small parties. They work great and sound carries well.

A high School gym seems a bit large for a compact? I think it depends on area to cover, audience size, and music format, ie dance music, background music etc.