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Jun 15, 2021

L1c IEC Power Receptacle Upgrade

Purchased the Bose L1c in 2009 to be used strictly for DJ ceremony music playback. During this time the L1c has worked flawlessly and has been an extremely reliable piece of gear. The only thing is the L1c doesn't look as new and is a bit scratched and marred but considering how many times its been transported I would say it has held up very well. I have other DJ gear that does not use the standard IEC power connection but rather a Neutrik Powercon I've always liked this type of connection as it feels very secure, but I never had an issue with the standard IEC connection until recently. I was providing ceremony music set up under a tent with the L1c set up between the unzippered tent walls. Sound check was good everything was ready to go. I then completed setting up the main system set up for the reception. I came back to start the ceremony and everything was going well until the officiates mic dropped out but came back. I had fresh batteries and full receiver signal strength so I just figured it was a lost signal. Then the reader came up and I heard nothing? Again fresh batteries and full signal strength. Everything was on until I noticed the L1c blue power light was off. I visually checked the IEC cord on the L1c and it was plugged in but when I physically checked it, it had come loose and lost power. I pushed it in and it fixed the issue quickly. I realized after the ceremony what had happened and the tent walls were flapping in and out from the wind and hitting the IEC cord causing the IEC cord to become just loose enough to lose power. This is completely my fault for setting up the L1c near the flapping tent walls but I had not noticed the tent walls hitting the power cord. I then realized why those Neutrik Powercon receptacles are so good. I decided that this will never happen again and decided to install a Neutric Powercon True1 connector in the Bose L1c to bypass the IEC connection. Since my L1c is out of warranty I decided to go this direction verses a locking IEC cable. The Bose L1c came apart very easily and bypassing the IEC inlet was straight forward as well. The IEC inlet is capped off on the backside and is now a dead socket. I do feel after this incident that all DJ gear that is used in a professional setting should come with a locking power connection. This would be my only recommendation for future Bose products. Here are some pictures of the install.

Bose L1c LF Driver FrontBose L1c LF Driver FrontBose L1c LF Driver RearBose L1c LF Driver RearBose L1c Circuit Board/IECBose L1c Circuit Board/IECNeutrik Powercon InstallationNeutrik Powercon InstallationNeutrik Powercon WiredNeutrik Powercon WiredCompleted Neutrik Powercon InstallCompleted Neutrik Powercon InstallNeutrik Powercon L1c Plugged InNeutrik Powercon L1c Plugged In