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Mar 31, 2010

Link 2 L1 Pro 8's

Is there a way to link 2 L1 Pro 8's in the app so I can EQ and change volume on both simultaneously?



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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Link 2 L1 Pro 8's

Hello Joe Nardi,


You asked "Is there a way to link 2 L1 Pro 8's in the app so I can EQ and change volume on both simultaneously?"  The L1 Mix App product page  seems to contradict itself.


In the "Features" section, the seventh bullet point says:

"Connect to and control multiple L1 Pro systems at the same time"


However, the seventh FAQ item says:

Can I connect more than one L1 Pro system to the L1 Mix app?

Yes. You can connect to multiple L1 Pro systems that are powered on and within range. You will see each available system product “card” in the L1 Mix app before selecting the system you wish to control. However, you can only control one system at a time.


I agree that it would be nice to do, especially if running stereo.  If stereo is not a concern, you could daisy-chain the units (dual mono) by running an XLR-TRS cable from the first L1 Pro 8 to the second.  The Line Out jack on the Pro 8's is post fader, so changing the volume on the first unit affects the signal sent to the second.  See L1 Pro Daisy Chain.


Maybe the folks at Bose will think about upgrading the app to allow this (or at least clarify the contradiction on their product page.)  Maybe a Bose admin can jump in here?


Re: Link 2 L1 Pro 8's

Hi Fish-54,

Good spot! I've raised an escalation ticket for visibility on this, thank you for letting us know.

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