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Dec 27, 2019

Lost T1 Mounting Bracket

Hi,  I have a 2 year old L1 Model 2 with a T1.  I somehow lost my T1 mounting bracket at my last gig.  I called Bose support today and was told Bose does not make this bracket any more.  The only T1 bracket I could find on the internet was the type that mounts the T1 to a mic stand.  Can anyone tell me where I might find the type of bracket that mounts the T1 to the speaker? Thanks very much.  Mike

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May 11, 2020

Re: Lost T1 Mounting Bracket

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community.

I'm sorry you lost your T1 bracket and that Bose no longer carries them.

To Everyone,

We don't do buy/sell transactions in this community, but if you can help Mike, please send Mike a direct message.