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Sep 16, 2019

Main Jacks Out Volume on T4S

Possibly the wrong place to put this but I'm finding it very aggravating when plugging into a house system from the T4S while running an L1 as well.


There have been several in-house systems I have plugged into and on each occasion the input to the in-house system is so low they can hardly pick it up - until I crank up the L1 to a point where it is too loud for the area I'm performing in (high class restaurants).

To get the volume to a level where their systems can pick it up and distribute it I have to be way over the top for the tables in my vicinity.


Yet acts who do other nights don't have any problem off their mixers mono output - they even have a volume control on that output. I tried the headphone socket but as everything is panned right and only one column in use the mixer is only putting out audio to the right channel in the headphone socket.

The in-house system has a single cable with a balanced TRS on it and it is labelled mono.


Any ideas on hot to get full left and right summed from the main out jacks (the one marked mono) at a level higher than the master volume control will give without blasting tables around me?


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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Main Jacks Out Volume on T4S

Hello ScubaBadger,


A couple of ideas to try:


Here's a couple of ideas to try.  A and B assume you are using your L1 Model II to power your T4s via the Tonematch cable.  C uses a separate ToneMatch power supply.


  1. Try sending to the house from one of the Aux ports.  If you set each channel's Aux tap point to Pre, then you can adjust the aux level for each channel independently of the master channel volumes going to your L1.
  2. You could send the right master out via the ToneMatch cable to the L1, and the left master out via TRS cable to the house.  Then use the pan for each channel to send more of your signal to the left (house) channel than the right (L1).
  3. Use a ToneMatch power supply to power the T4s via the ToneMatch port, and send the right master out via TRS cable to the L1, and the left master out via TRS cable to the house.  Then you can either pump the master and reduce the volume on the L1 Model II base, or use the pan for each channel to send more of your signal to the left (house) channel than the right (L1).

I'd probably try A first, so I can adjust the mix going to the house, in case their system is EQ'd differently for their speakers than you'll hear from your L1.


Does that help?