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Mar 18, 2009

More addition speaker info

As the better weather approaches there are a number of venues I play that would like to have sound outside to attract other people. This is usually in shopping complexes with sound towards the parking lot/walkways with the mix from my L1 Classic inside to a powered speaker outside.

Can I use a "Y" connector from the two "Line Out's" on the base to a single "Line In" on the speaker? I would prefer not to run them through a mixer and, since there is no mixed output available from the power base, I want to avoid setting up a mixer just to join channels 1 and 2 for a feed out.

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May 11, 2020

Re: More addition speaker info

Hi deMille,

It might work, it might damage your L1®. Either way - even if it does work, you will have no local control over the signal level. The XLR line-outs are post-trim only (no presets, tone controls or volume control).

You will also be shorting (connecting) Channel 1 and Channel 2 together before the signals are routed to the Analog/Digital converters - potentially losing the separation of the two channels for Presets and tone control at the Remote.

You can buy a little mixer that will do the job for well under $ 100. That's a lot less than getting the unit repaired.

I'm not recommending any specific mixer here - just giving you examples of what's out there.
mini mixers at guitar center.

mixer search under $100 at musicians friend

You can tap ¼ inch jack line outs at the INSERT Point

You can find details and ideas about that here: Model I / Classic - Lines out
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Aug 22, 2006

Re: More addition speaker info

Hi deMille,

If your powered speaker has a microphone input you could consider placing a microphone in front of your L1® Classic. Connecting a microphone to your powered speaker would eliminate the potential for a ground loop between the systems.

Just a thought...
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May 25, 2004

Re: More addition speaker info

It can be very tricky trying to mic the L1 system. The best sound is not up close, and it works better with a good quality omni mic. Playing live, the best mic position might interfer with the patrons.

More consistant results will be with a line level signal in some manner.