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Jan 31, 2010

My S1 Pro case

I must admit I was a little disappointed that Bose didn't even provide a cheap slip cover for the S1. But after looking around the ole ponderosa I found a case and it's a perfect fit. It has wheels and extending handle and a pocket on the front. Thick padding because it was a cooler bag.IMG_1400.JPGIMG_1401.JPGIMG_1414.JPG


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May 9, 2021

Re: My S1 Pro case

My Bose S1 Pro fits perfectly in a Fishman Loudbox Mini shoulder bag. Go figure.

Mike In Texas
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Jun 25, 2020

Re: My S1 Pro case

Looks fine Mister D..  even though the S1 is small and light, everything loads better with WHEELS!

I had a small Ariba case that fit well.

Good job!