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Oct 11, 2017

Re: One L1 Model 11 with B2 or two L1 Compacts?

ST posted:

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for coming back to tell us about your day.

Geoff posted:

Cheers guys

I ended up using the L1M2 for both gigs.


It felt a bit overkill

It's only overkill if you run the system louder than is appropriate for the situation. 

at the Bowling Club as there were only around 55 people and they were all seated in cabaret format and I have to admit the Model 2 does sound sublime at low level, crisp and warm.

I agree, the L1 Model II sounds just as good a low volume as it does turned up.


The evening gig was excellent and the Model 2 jumped to action without breaking a sweat, at one point I had around 80 people on the dance floor.

All in all it was a great day and I drove home feeling good with a boot full of beautiful Bose gear.

Think I'll start using the Model 2 at the smaller venues more often now.

One other thing...would the system really benefit much if I invested in a second B2 and packlite?

Try setting the B2 Bass Level Switch to the + position (upper)

Try that a few times at gigs before investing in an A1 PackLite Amp and a second B2.

At the evening gig I had the B2 set to the normal position and although it wasn't lacking I sort of felt I'd like to have a bit more depth at times.

I'm not really sure what the effect of the switch at the back of the cab does.

Here's an approximation of the performance.

The B2 bass module includes a switch allowing you to select the appropriate level of bass output for your application.

There are three settings:

Switch PositionApplication
+Bass voicing designed for DJ/Music playback applications
Similar to four B1s
NormalBass voicing ideal for bass guitar or live sound application when mic'ing a kick drum
Similar to two B1s
-Bass voicing which is perfect for acoustic guitar and vocal
Similar to one B1

To my mind I actually can't distinguish between the three settings!

I guess I would probably hear the difference from out in the crowd rather than right on top of it on stage.


The theory is I could place a second bin on the other side of the stage at the more noisier gigs and fill the stage area with lows.

Just a thought.


For the audiences you've described, you will probably get everything you need with the system you have now - by using the B2 Switch.

Does that help?


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Oct 11, 2017

Re: One L1 Model 11 with B2 or two L1 Compacts?

Thanks ST

I will have a play about with the rocker switch at tomorrow's gig.