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Jun 23, 2019

Output Clipping is on While no input is connected to L1MII PS

Greetings, I have 2 L1MII connected to a single T4S on L and R ToneMatch digital audio outputs. Channel 4 of T4S is connected to a computer source playing music through both the L1.

While playing one L1 connected to right port of T4S digital output has started showing a constant red clipping signal. its not blinking its just lit. I checked the output level through T4S, its around 40%, I interchanged the Left to the right, its still the same, I disconnected everything for that L1 and restarted the system with nothing connected on inputs of L1, still its red. I updated the L1 firmware using T4S, still its red. 

Can you please suggest me what to check more and what is a possible fix for this. I can't even figure out why the problem has occurred as output from t4S is also set to not more than 40%. And usually clipping on L1 happens only when analog input is connected directly to PS of L1, we only use the digital tone match port. 

Looking for your valuable inputs. 


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May 11, 2020

Re: Output Clipping is on While no input is connected to L1MII PS

Hi AbMitt,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community.  Welcome.

I'm sorry you are having trouble with your T4S and two L1 systems.

I'm not clear from your description:

  1. Have you narrowed down the problem to one specific L1 Model II
  2. Is the problem the right output of the T4S

Either way, it sounds like either the 1 - the L1 or 2 - the T4S will have to be serviced.

It looks like you are in India, so please contact your Bose dealer for support.

Thank you,