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Apr 9, 2020

Output from tonematch mixer into cell phone for facebook live shows

Hey all.  So I am a musician trying to do Facebook live shows.  I do them at home and sometimes at the venues i play at while they are closed and do an online show.  What i am trying to do is get some control of the vocal and guitar volume and FX.  I would like to input into my t4s tonematch mixer like a regular gig to take advantage of the FX but output into the jack of my phone which is what i use as the cameras and sound feed for FB live and then use the aux output to go to my inner ear setup or the house speakers so i have a monitor to hear whats going out to Facebook.


The question is, do i have to buy an I-rig to take the 1/4 inch signal out of the main output down or can i just go from the 1/4 inch output into a TRRS jack into the phone? If I can, is there a setting i would i would have to adjust to lower the "hotness" of the output signal out of the main?


Love your help guys!