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May 11, 2020

Pedalboard Hum

Hi Prof Harp,

You posted this in the Ask Bose for Help Forum.
Originally posted by Prof Harp:
Any reason, folks why, using a pedalboard, I'd get a complete hum thru both the analog channel and the T1 Engine?

This sounds like a ground loop.
The first thing I would try is making sure that your pedalboard is plugged into the same power source as the T1® and your L1®.

More notes: ground loop
Prof Harp
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Jun 1, 2008

Re: Pedalboard Hum

It was--matter of fact, it went into a powerstrip/conditioner into the wall. The powerstrip/conditioner even had an anti-hum plug on it (???!!!!). Have take n the pedalboards inside for a couple of days, as I wonder if there was any condensation.....
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Jun 6, 2005

Re: Pedalboard Hum

The other thing to check might be all the nuts on the input/output jacks (if visible) and tighten them down, and swap cables out/around.

There was a recent note I read where the hum from a device was due to the nut holding a 1/4" jack being loose, causing a poor signal ground connection.