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Sep 15, 2013

Playing loud

I wrote long time ago about midi accordion and SD3 expander playing mainly for Italians and playing loud and not hearing properly the L1s model 2 with 2 B1s my problem is I'm not getting clarity. All my years of playing trying to get a good bass sound just not happening. Now I know why I'm 70 now and I've been playing when I was 7 had all sorts of speaker systems you name it I've had it. I think Ken told me to turn down to solve problem but that's not it no way neer. When playing loud the bass drum and bass guitar where killing everything and I just could not hear the rhythm I keep asking myself why why why. The B1s are ported and give lower frequency at a great expense not just B1s but all systems that I have had had ports. I now have stuffed the port on B1s with wadding and now the Bass sounds perfect you can hear it with defanition and clear and everything else you can hear at loud levels I am now very impressed with the system just can't understand why some players are saying what a studeo sound they are getting when the sound is booming this is what peaple in the venue where complaining about and I couldn't hear it one's again it's not just the B1s it's all ported system if you get a sealed box you will be amazed at the sound especially for Midi expanders ported systems may be OK for hi fi and guitars and voice but for bass you won't know until you try it for the time being I'm happy with the B1s stuffed because it easy to transport and make up