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Jul 10, 2016

Portable Power source for Pro32/Sub2

I have the Pro32/Sub2. I have been running it on an external power source called Expert Power 400. It puts out 444 watts and it is pure sine wave.  It has been running the Pro32/Sub2 with no issues. I know the Pro32/Sub2 has a combined output of 1,480 watts.
Someone on line gave me the following warnings:
A poor power source will dry off electrolytic capacitors.
A poor power source will also damage the power supply of the unit.
I am aware these Bose products have internal limiters. I also have a Sub1. Twice while playing at high volume over 100dB the Sub1 shut down. The power source did not shut down. Again this same person on line wrote: When an amp shuts down like that amp morfets and IC get damaged. If that keeps on happening eventually you will have to replace the amp. Is this advice true? Should I stop using the power supply I currently have even though 99% of the time it runs it with no problem. I will not be playing at max dB again because I realize the power supply is not putting out enough power.



Re: Portable Power source for Pro32/Sub2

Hi wweiss!

The internal limiters on the S1 Pro should typically act to self-protect the system before any internal damage occurs.

When the S1 shuts down, what is displayed on the power LED?

If you're aware of which input levels are likely to cause the system to shut down, and if you ensure the input stays below this level, I see no reason to not continue using this power source with the Bose system as you currently are.

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