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Jul 18, 2005

Power conditioning and/or battery backup for T1


I'm confused about power conditioning and/or battery backup recommendations for L1s and T1s.

The T1 is very light-weight. I imagine it draws very little power, and a low-cost UPS/power cnditioner designed for household computers might protect it.

Does the T1 have similar warning as L1s about different types of power conditioners?

What should I watch out for when deciding on a power conditioner and/or battery backups for T1's (and for L1's)?

The units I'm thinking about (Example Belkin UPS) have ratings of joules of surge suppression and "VA" numbers --
(Example: a 1000 joules surge suppression and 1,500 VA)
What do these numbers mean and what rating is needed per T1 (or L1?)

Jim Mead
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Jun 6, 2005

Re: Power conditioning and/or battery backup for T1

I'll let an -at-Bose person deal with the VA rating required for an L1 Model 2.

"VA" is the Volt-Ampere rating -- which is ~ a "power" rating. 100 Volts at 15 amps == 1500 VA. (Actual numbers are not so simple, since Voltage is usually 110 or 115 ... but you get the idea of what a VA is...)

What you don't usually see on the "outside of the box" specs for a small UPS system is the amount of harmonic distortion ... or some indication of the "shape" of the power. Simple UPS components often produce a nearly "square" wave signal -- and that is the worst for a switching-type, lightweight power supply as found in the L1 family. What you need to look for (and often need to dig for in the specs) is an output that is a "sine" wave (which has low "harmonic distortion" ... numbers near 1% or less are good; 10% or more would be something to avoid).

fyi: a semi-techy Wikipedia article on "inverters" with an example diagram or two.