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Jul 31, 2019

Power cutting out on two Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass connected to T4S via L and R ToneMatch cables

So, I used the recommended setup connecting the T4S to the two L1 model II power stands (with the speakers spaced about 20 feet apart at front (facing the sun) and back) using two ToneMatch cables at an outdoor festival gig around noon yesterday. I did not connect the two F1 812s and subwoofer  at this time. The sound was great for about 30 minutes after which the power to the T4S completely died. I switched the ToneMatch cables (L and R) connected to the T4S and its power went back on. Another 30 minutes later it died again. This time we used a power supply connected to the Power Port on the T4S and reconnected the other L1 model II to one of the Analog Outputs and the sound was great the next three hours.


It appears the T4S fails when powered by one of the L1s. What is the point of having two ToneMatch ports (L & L) on the T4S if it doesn't work the way it is designed? Is this a common problem with the T4S?


Thanks in advance!