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Mar 30, 2018

Questions on T4S Tonematch Operational Features

Hello, all!


How do you use it? I had a gig yesterday and I heard some prominent 's' sounds. I fooled around with the knobs and such but didn't really know what I was doing.

What does turning the GAIN up and down do exactly, and what does turning the other thing (thresh?) up and down do? What does 'trigger' level mean? How do you know at what trigger level to set the trigger level at?

'ppreciate any help.

Same question, actually, for all the COMP/GATE effects in that there are two things you can adjust (thresh, speed, gain, ramp etc). What does this mean for each effect? 

I looked on the user manual and it doesn't really give comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations.


 - Douglas

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May 11, 2020

Re: Questions on T4S Tonematch Operational Features

Hi Douglas,

I'm sorry no one has replied.


The De-esser removes some of the sibilance (S) sounds from the channel where you use it.

Threshold: 0 to -50 dB

As you lower the threshold, you increase the sensitivity of the De-esser.  

At -50 dB it is more sensitive than 0 dB. At 0 dB it may not appear to be doing at all unless the (S) sounds are really pronounced.

Gain: 0 to 30 dB

When the De-esser removes sound (because the sound is greater than the Threshold), the overall sound may drop in volume. The Gain control turns the volume back up to compensate. At 0 dB you won't hear any difference.

Source: ToneMatch Mixer De-esser

Here's a video that shows you how to use the Comp/Gate - Noise Gate. This shows the T1® but the operation is the same with the ToneMatch mixers.

Here are some notes about the compressor.