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Nov 29, 2010

Recording via USB Port

Hi Bose Dudes
Im wondering if I can do a recording right from my L1 System right to my computer VIA the USB Port?? I have been reading the forums and havent come acroos this as of yet.If so can you explain the procedure...???
Thank You

edit title: Previously - "Im wondering"
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Jun 5, 2009

Re: Recording via USB Port

Hi Bubba,

You can absolutely record to a Mac or PC computer using USB out of the Tonematch. You simply connect the USB cable, and there are a couple settings to keep in mind.

First, on the Tonematch itself, under the "prefs" menu is an option for "USB to PC" where you can select which channels you would like to output.

Second you will need some recording software for your computer. There are many out there, each with its own benefits and quirks. Regardless of which software you select, you will need to set a sample rate of 48 kHz and a bit depth (or bitrate) of 24 bit. Those options are usually present when you are setting up a new project.

Beyond that, if you are unfamiliar with multitrack recording, it is a discipline unto itself and there are many books, videos, online tutorials, and even classes about how to do so. If you are just getting started, there is a program called "Audacity" that is a simple, easy-to-use, and free program. (Note that Bose does not specifically recommend or endorse any recording software.)

Let us know if you have any more questions.