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Jul 18, 2021

Recording with Ts8

When recording with the TS8 is there a way to route the effects to my in ears but send a dry signal into the computer to edit in my DAW…  also I’m using a backing track in my DAW and have my TS8 configured to USB B to PC 


Thanks Wayne 

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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Recording with Ts8

Hello Waynedear74,


Run your in-ears from the T8s Main outputs for your wet signal.


To send a dry signal via USB to your DAW, you need to send dry channel signals to one or more Aux Outs, and send the dry Aux Out(s) to the USB out instead of the wet Master mix.


Step One:  Change the source of the signal going to your USB out to Aux port(s) instead of Master.

  • On the Rotary Selector Wheel, choose "Prefs"
  • Rotate the Select knob to "USB to PC" and press it
  • The default is usually Left: Master and Right: Master.  Turn the center selector knob to select a source for the Left USB send.  Lets try Aux 1 for this.  Then turn the right selector knob to select a source for the Right USB send.  Lets try Aux 2 for this.

Step Two:  Route your dry signal to the Aux port(s).

  • Seclect the CH EDIT button for whatever channel you want to route to an Aux port.  You can route a channel to any or all of Aux Sends 1, 2, 3, and/or 4, although you have to set up each Aux Send individually.  Set up Aux Send 1 for this example.
  • For Aux 1, use the center knob to adjust the level to send to the port.  (If it displays "Muted", then press the knob to activate the "Level" and "Tap" functions.)  Turn the right knob to set the Tap function to "Dry".  (This will send a dry signal to the Aux port.)
  • Repeat the step above for Aux Send 2.

Now, that channel's signal with any EQ, reverb and effects will be routed to the Main Outs through Master, and your dry signal will be routed to Aux Sends 1 and 2, and from there to the USB to PC.


Your T8s sends both left and right signals.  Adjust the instructions above if you're only recording either the left or right as a mono channel in your DAW.


Does that help?