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Jan 28, 2019

Reset Factory Settings on Tonematch 8s???

I have not completely read the manual or tutorial to the Tonematch 8s. Our Boses system has been working fine for a couple of years now but it seems I may need to restore the factory settings and start all over again. Is that recommended? Getting a lot of feedback and my acoustic guitar doesn't sound as crystal clear lately. Also I changed some settings to accommodate a our virtual concerts.



Re: Reset Factory Settings on Tonematch 8s???

Hi catmoondaddy!

Sorry to see you're getting problems with feedback. Before restoring factory settings on the mixer, I recommend loading the 'Factory Settings' scene first to see this improves things. 

Mic re-positioning can also reduce feedback - if your mic is placed right in front of your speaker, make sure your mic is angled away from the speaker array to avoid a feedback loop.

Hope this helps!

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