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Sep 17, 2019

S1 Pro Specifications

What is the frequency response of the S1 Pro?

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May 11, 2020

Re: S1 Pro Specifications

Hi, Sam Spoons,

Sam Spoons posted:

What is the frequency response of the S1 Pro?

Please see this article for a list of specifications for the S1 Pro and L1 Compact.

Bose S1 Pro Compared to Bose L1® Compact


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Oct 11, 2016

Re: S1 Pro Specifications

In your link the specs are:
The S1  :  62 Hz – 17 kHz +/- 3dB
The L1C: 65 Hz – 14 kHz +/- 3dB

Does that mean the S1 puts out a deeper bass than the L1C ??

Also ... 
The S1    SPL is rated as  103 dB / 109 dB peak
The L1C  SPL is rated as  106 dB / 112 dB peak

The L1C being 3db louder ... does that translate to twice the volume in loudness iirc? 

Approx how loud does the L1 compact sound compared to the S1 when both are driven to their max limits?

Question ... If there were 2 S1's on either side of the stage facing the audience & one L1 Compact in the stage centre, again facing the audience, assuming they were connected to the same Mixer & getting fed identical inputs, could the L1 compact sound as full, rich & loud as compared to the two S1's if they were played interchangeably as an A/B comparison? i.e. Two S1's v/s one L1 compact ...  (i hope i've been able to get myself across clearly).

Also ... Would the L1 compact be able to put out more bass than the 2 S1's (on stands) ... or would they sorta sound equal ??

I'm contemplating on an S1 compact to add to my arsenal, hence the comparison (i already own an S1).

One last question: I believe the L1 Compact is a very dated model and is over-overdue for an upgrade ... should I wait for that or take the plunge? 

I'm primarily looking for a miniscule setup ... that sounds terrific & sets up very easily + has a small footprint.

I already have over 20 15" cabs (jbl, rcf, ev, mackie, yamaha, etc.) but am looking at an audience of 50 to 60 (max 75 px) for DJ & Karaoke. Something small that i can port myself at my ripe old age of 58 without an additional overhead (someone to carry the gear for me).

So the question I'm arriving at probably is: two S1's or one L1 compact?

Sorry for the long-winded explanations ... 

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