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Sep 5, 2020

S1 Pro & L1 Model 1s Hookup

I have a T1 & Bose L1 Model 1s & B2. I'm looking to purchase a S1 for 2 reasons 1 for wedding ceremonies. 2 to add extra sound to another part of a room for karaoke. How do I hookup the S1 to the T1 that is hooked up to my L1 and still have the full sound, delay, reverb etc come out on both the S1 & L1


Re: S1 Pro & L1 Model 1s Hookup

Hi Gdtp,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the forum!

The master output on the T1 can be connected directly to the input on the L1 Model 1S. To connect to the S1 Pro, I recommend using the T1's AUX output:


For instructions on how to route channels on the T1 to the AUX output, see here.

Alternatively, if you normally use a ToneMatch cable to connect from the T1 to the L1 model 1S, you can just connect from the T1's 1/4" master output to the S1 Pro.

Hope this helps!