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Mar 11, 2021

S1 Pro and Macbook

Question involves S1 Pro speaker and new MacBook Pro.

MacBook is running 10.15 Catalina.


My daughter is a middle school Choral Director and they have been using this speaker for some time and works fine.


She was able to bluetooth pair the speaker to the MacBook.  However, when she opens the sound preferences, there is no option in the outbound settings for the Bose speaker.


Other devices can connect to the speaker and play fine, issue limited to the MacBook.

Is there some sort of software that needs to run on the Mac?


Thank you,




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Dec 31, 2020

Re: S1 Pro and Macbook

Hello JBlakley,


There is no additional software required to stream audio from her MacBook Pro to the S1 Pro.  Under System Preferences > Bluetooth, she can verify that there is an active bluetooth connection to the S1 listed in the available devices.  If the S1 is present, she will select it and the status should then show as  "Connected" .  There is a checkbox to show bluetooth in the menu bar, which should be selected as it is easier to manage.


Then, under System Preferences > Sound (Output) she should then select the S1 Pro as the sound output device.  There is also a checkbox to show Sound in the menu bar; this should be selected.  At that point any music or audio content should play through the S1.


If none of this works, then a restart of the Mac may help.  Deleting the bluetooth device and re-pairing the S1 to the Mac can also be tried.  I have the same system as your daughter so I know that this process works.  I hope this helps her.