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Mar 16, 2015

S1 Pro with Sub1 or Sub2 as a bass rig

It's been a long time since I played bass, probably over 30 years.  That said, I'm considering picking up bass to fill in for a friends band once in a while.  By that, I mean very infrequently.


I'd like to set up a bass rig that won't cost me an arm and and might be able to pull double duty as sub for my 2 X S1 Pro with T4S PA.


Has anyone tried using the Sub1 or Sub2, paired with an S1 Pro to play bass?  Frequency wise, I'm assuming the Sub will handle the low end and pass the high end off to the S1 Pro.  I'd probably use the T4S and one of the bass presets it has to offer.


Any thoughts good, bad or indifferent?


Is there a site somewhere that shows how the Sub 1 and S1 are wired together?  I've seen pics of the Sub and speaker pole with the S1 on top, but didn't see how they're wired.






Re: S1 Pro with Sub1 or Sub2 as a bass rig

Hey KingBiscuit and welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community!


Bose recently released a video which details the setup with the Sub1/Sub2 and an S1 Pro - As you said the Sub1/Sub2 can be configured with a HPF (High Pass Filter) specifically designed for use with the S1 Pro.


Hope this helps!

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