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Jun 29, 2020

Re: S1 pro use with BASS guitar and electric guitar

Hey Dylan, many thanks for the response. I'm only seeing it now cause it seems I never got an email notification about a reply.


Anyways, I'm here on the forum now cause I finally got my S1 Pro


Dude... that thing is amazing. I did try it once in a store and loved it, but now after spending time alone with it, I'm beyond words. First of all, the sound of the acoustic guitar - it's absolutely amazing, I can't believe it sounds so natural and so powerful. OK, I did ditch my piezo long time ago and replaced it with the Rare Earth pickup + mic system but still... the sound is unbelievable.


And yes, the electric guitar sounds awesome, too. Clean on its own without any pedals or preamps, just plugged straight into the speaker, it gives a great warm sound. And with the preamp pedal I can easily go into overdrive and even high gain territories, the sound remains amazing.


Yeah, thanks for the response. I finally got the **bleep** thing 8 months later 🙂




Re: S1 pro use with BASS guitar and electric guitar

Hey Whitemonkey,

Awesome! Thank you for your response - very happy to hear you're liking the S1 so much! Hope you enjoy continuing to experiment with this setup.

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