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Jun 25, 2020

SEVENTEEN Year Bose Addiction ..

.. OR .. Mike's Great Re-Bose-itioning of 2021!

Last Friday I sold ALL my amps..

I bought my first L1 Personal Amplification System January 2004, maybe even December 2003 - LOW serial number in any case.  Added a second sub AND second full two-sub system for our little acoustic group within a year, and we played very frequently for several years.

I later began playing solo in restaurants, got weary of lugging around heavy gear about the time that the Fishman SoloAmp came out, and got yet another low serial number piece.  Also bought and sold a T1, preferring the "natural" L1 sound, also didn't care for the menu interface (sorry, I guess).  I really liked the SoloAmp for small rooms, and just did not think I would like the Compact.  Later, I did pick up a used Compact, just to see, and thought it might work to amplify a small, non-loud classic rock combo, and ended up with FOUR of the little guys.  Then, when the S1Pro came out, I was curious, made a lowball offer on eBay which to my surprise was accepted, and this even littler guy came my way!  My bandmate friend Dan said I'd pull up to a gig like a Bose Distributor..


2020.  17 years older, xx pounds - all this stuff sure got a lot heavier :-} .. and my desire to schlep it all around equally decreased.. down time with no gigging leads to reflection, and last Monday I woke up determined to take pictures and list everything on eBay.  Then I thought of packing and shipping costs, eBay, Reverb, PayPal fees, and came to my senses.  I ended up making a massive deal at Guitar Center - they bought it ALL.. yes, horrible percentages of what I might sell individual pieces for - but I made it up in volume!  :-}

I liquidated everything, and came home with a new Bose L1 Pro16 with rolling bag, a little Fender Acoustic Junior 100w amp with footswitch, and a Behringer XR16 digital mixer (iPad controls) and bag.  Even Steven.  With NO shipping or other selling costs (or brutal effort)!

And, man did I ever get my money's worth for the old gear - I LOVED owning and using all that stuff, and had a blast making fun music with it for all those years!  Now I feel ready - with new, light, modern gear - to make a little more music, with my buds, for our friends, as long as I can, before the rocking chair beckons.  That's my little story, stickin to it..


Here's a last Family Picture - everybody smile:




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Mar 12, 2018

Re: SEVENTEEN Year Bose Addiction ..

Love it!


I've been using the Model 1, Model 2, and Compact since they came out. Not a single failure, nothing but compliments, and a phenomenal portable sound.


Congrats on your new baby Bose! Rock on!