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Sep 17, 2020

Sound Concerns - Stereo 2ea L1 Compacts *or* 1 ea L1 1S B1 w/ combined stereo

Hi everyone, thank you in advance for any thoughts, direction, etc.

First and foremost, I am an established KJ / DJ and travel 150 mile radius for various shows. I have OA and cannot carry my 2ea JBL 215s, amp, vocal monitors, etc. anymore. I am getting in age so I need to scale down the whole equipment weight but still maintain the quality of my show.

Mainly Karaoke but with awesome sound. Once in a while I get into DJ mode with a crowd of people who want to dance. A tiny bit of hip-pop but more conventional slow dance and a good mix of country. Mainly, I have a following of "Pro" singers and listening crowd with a critical ear. We try not to have the every body get up and "sling&slurp" a song at the listeners. The karaoke show is unique and lends to a more discerning audience (less than 125).

My sound has always been the supreme excellence people expect. I contribute most of this to the sound mix, stereo output and ability to make most anyone sound great to excellent! My thinking is stereo for the crowd provides opportunity for clean duets, spacial effects of music designed to be played in stereo, fades, mixed balance of wonderful music by amateurs who want to impress. 

With all that said, I am very hesitant to go to a mono show. I don't want my mix to become muddy or mottled in any way.  I *think* I have almost decided to go with 2ea L1 Compacts but wanted input before spending the money.

I need a fair amount a bass but we are not wanting to produce "chest thumping" dance music but more a nice mix with good low end fill. Reading other posts I see where people have recommended the L1 1S B2 setup but I do not want to carry the weight of a B2. I am okay with making an extra trip to the SUV to gather the second Compact.

I guess my concern is:
Will I get a good bass fill (warm clean) in a smaller venue with 2ea L1 Compacts? at least 12' apart?
Smaller venues being defined as 12' to 20' wide stage areas with 2 or 3 singers. Restaurant lounge (lower volume), Smaller Clubs and bars, weddings. etc. etc. Mostly indoor with little or no obstruction between stage area and the crowd. Sometimes outdoors but less than 10% of the venues (75'x75' cover area).

I am paranoid of trying to use any equipment to combine my 2 stereo outputs into one mono, including panning everything to the left 😕 Poor sound comes out of my Mackie Mix when panned.

I don't know what I have missed but I think there is a good starting "picture".

Ideas, thoughts? concerns?

Thank you again for any input...


Re: Sound Concerns - Stereo 2ea L1 Compacts *or* 1 ea L1 1S B1 w/ combined stereo

Hi Dr.Bob,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Bose forum!

If you are looking for a stereo setup, I think a pair of L1 Compact systems would be a great fit for your shows. Each individual L1 Compact system is designed to be used with audiences of around 100 people, and they will certainly give you a full-bodied sound with enough power in the low end for these styles of music.

Technical data on the L1 Compact can be found here if you wanted to do a little more research, but the best way to experience these systems is first-hand. Bose currently have a 115-day Risk Free Trial if you purchase from them directly, so the option to return for refund is there if you want to explore alternatives. 

Hope this helps!