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Feb 10, 2021

SoundTouch 300 to Traktor s2

I recently acquired a traktor s2 and tried to connect to my Bose SoundTouch 300 via aux and audio but doesn’t seem to work. Can you suggest a way to make it work. 




Re: SoundTouch 300 to Traktor s2

Hi Kashk,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


As the SoundTouch 300 doesn't have an AUX input, which input are you connecting the Traktor to on the soundbar? To get audio from the Traktor to the soundbar you would need to be able to use the optical or HDMI-ARC inputs on the soundbar. From what I can find on the Traktor it doesn't look like it has the ability to send audio via optical or HDMI to speakers, so you would not be able to connect directly to the soundbar from the Traktor.


You may be able to use a converter, to convert the AUX output from the Traktor to connect to either the optical or HDMI-ARC connections on the soundbar, but I would not be able to guarantee whether this would work, or how well it would work. You may also be able to use a Bluetooth transmitter from the Traktor to the soundbar, but as with all Bluetooth connections, you do run the risk of adding a delay to the signal that may not be ideal for mixing music.


If anyone in the Community has had any experience connecting stereo RCA outputs to the soundbar, it would be great to hear how you managed it and what you suggest to make this work!

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