Johan Bengtsson
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Jul 20, 2021

Speaker care: Question about safe volume levels S1 Pro

Hi! I am doing a gig out in the streets later this week, we are planning to run Upright bass and Vocals through my brand new Bose S1 Pro. My question is: Do I need to worry for the speaker somehow taking damage if we happen to play loud? Loud defined by a jazz musician 🙂 Is it totally cool playing bass through the speaker? Any warning signs I should be aware of?


Thanks Bose!!

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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Speaker care: Question about safe volume levels S1 Pro

Hello Johan Bengtsson,


I wouldn't worry about damage to the system as long as you do proper gain staging for the inputs. I.e., steady or flashing green on the LED's, no steady red.  Occasional flashes of red are OK, but you may hear what some have described as "rattling" or "port noise" if turned up too high.


There have been a couple of discussions in this forum about bass usage with the S1 Pro.  You can read those posts here and here.


As you said, "Loud defined by a jazz musician ..." is different, so it may be just fine for you.  The S1 Pro is a great system, but has its limits.  Let your ears be your guide, and enjoy the gig!


Does that help?