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May 12, 2009

Still getting the WOW factor

It's been six years I've been using my L1 (solo acoustic guitarist / singer) and to this day I get the "oohs" and "aahs" from listeners (including audiophiles and musicians) who can't get over the loud, boomy, yet crystal clear sound coming from this "stick". Some still can't figure it out, thinking it's just a glorified guitar holder! "Where are the speakers?"

I love it. And I can't help wondering: how is the L1 not mainstream enough to stop shocking and amazing people? I understood it six years ago, but people still gawk at it like it's something new.

They also tend to say "Oh, it's a Bose!", and assume (and assume correctly) that Bose knows what it's doing. It's probably because they're familiar with either a Bose product they already own, or they've seen the commercials of Bose's "room filling sound".

Then it occurred to me: why isn't the L1 in a commercial?! Perhaps more musicians would be turned on to it.

So... six years, and judging my people's faces and comments, it's STILL the "new" approach! Thank you, Bose.
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May 16, 2017

Re: Still getting the WOW factor

Back in 2004, I thought and often said most small venue bands would be using L1s in the near future.
While I have seen quite a few, it's not near what I suspected...and if sad for Bose, at least it's good for us players.
We still have the Wow factor, just last night I had a number of people gush over the sound of my piano/drums/vocals duo.
It never ceases to amaze, taming the bad acoustics of the coffee house we played in, creating comfort for the listeners.

We all have been fortunate indeed!
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May 11, 2020

Re: Still getting the WOW factor

I ran into an musical acquaintance the other day. She asked me if I'd like to sit in with her band at their gig in a really swanky new club.

Here's a shot from the website of that new club:
. It's very lounge-y, about 40' x 70' and you can see how tall it is.

Well I had a night off from my regular commitments last night so I swung by out of curiousity. I had not seen her show or this new venue.

I had my Compact in the car as I always do, and I had a T1® in my gig bag. I figured I was ready.

No need. She and her bandmates (guitarist and percussionist) were doing just fine with a Compact. They were in the middle of the 70' wall, facing the other long wall about 40' away. That meant that everyone in the room was within about 50 feet and the room was relatively quiet.

They were certainly "WOW"ing the place and getting enthusiastic applause between numbers.

And back to the point. I am still pleasantly surprised when I walk into a room and there's an L1®. That's eight and a half years later, and I'm still surprised.

But things are getting better. I've had that pleasant experience more times in the last year than in all the years prior put together.

When I arrived, the band was on a break. I asked my musical pal how she liked the Compact. She raved about it. And that was nice.

As we set up to have me sit in, I wanted to have the least impact on their existing vibe (I didn't know the other players). I just plugged in my guitar to their little mixer. They could have used a T1® because they are using only two microphones and a line in. That is vocal, percussionist, acoustic guitar. But she is really happy with the sound that they are getting now, so no need to suggest that what they were doing was wanting.

Now here's one of the reasons that I REALLY like the Compact. I started off at the extreme left side of the band just playing guitar, and then after a few songs my pal remembered that I also sing. She said a few words to the percussionist on the other side of the stage and he swung his microphone up so that I could sing through it. So I walked 15' to the other side of the stage and without changing anything joined her in the vocals. The thing that I'm enjoying about this, is that I could hear myself through that single Compact just as well - on either side of the stage. The only challenge was that I now had the percussionist between me and the Compact, and he was hitting a little harder because he was no longer mic'd. He said he didn't mind. He likes having not to be mindful of the microphone and his volume. We had a ball.

As I was preparing to leave and we were chatting, a couple of her regular fans came up to compliment us on "the blend" and "the balance" of all the sounds. They were happy that they had been able to hear everything so clearly.

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Sep 12, 2010

Re: Still getting the WOW factor

And every once in a while you get a reminder about how great these units are. Yesterday one of my bands was part of a multi-act benefit concert for a friend musician who is battling cancer. I was happy to be playing for a worthy cause, but it was a standard PA, which apparently sounded great out front, but I got a quick reminder about working with floor wedges again for monitors and trying to sing and play when you can barely hear yourself.