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May 18, 2017

Sub2 power / peak indicator

The Sub2 rated at 1000 watts RMS ?  Let's face it... not a chance- at least in my humble but VERY Bose experienced opinion.. my Sub2 signal indicator is in the red at a volume where my B2 would be at on my old system.  Can the Bose people let on at what % of usable power is in reserve yet once the peak indicator starts lighting?  (before limiting starts- which i've experienced also)  ...   I bought a second Sub2 to double up to try to meet my orginal expectations of a single Sub2.  Granted, my gigs have been outside, and, as a L1 user for 15 years, I know what to expect as per indoor/outdoor use.   My Sub2 is on par with the setup I used prior to it, which was 2 B1 powered by the classic, with a packlite powering an added B2.   I know w the classic, the subs were crossed over at 180 HZ, but can the audio from that 180HZ to the 200HZ the Sub2 crosses over really use that much wattage to bring the overall sub volume down that much (B1s and the B2 being 500 watts as opposed to the Sub2 1000 watts)


Re: Sub2 power / peak indicator

Hi TommyD33710 and welcome to the Bose Pro Portable Community!


I was able to raise this inquiry with one of the engineers who have provided the following response:


The percentage of usable power still available once limiting is achieved is dependent on what audio content is being played through the system. The red LED will indicate very near input clipping or once limiting is in effect.
The L1 Model II + B1 x2 is comparing to a setup that is rated at 500W for the sub-woofer. Rated power for the new product (L1 Pro32 + Sub2) to legacy (L1 Model II + B1 x2) being consistent, there is a +3dB difference in the output of a Sub2 vs the multiple B1 units. So, there is a difference, but it’s unfortunate that it is not perceived. We also suggest not to compare outdoor and indoor performances, as users do not have the benefit of reflective surfaces and may have a false perception of lower volume when outdoors.


I hope this helps!

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