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Jul 11, 2020

T4S - Mute Mic Master Out, still send over USB?

Hey there,

I recently just bought a T4S and trying to figure out the most efficient way to route all my office gear through it to be a flexible solution depending on what I'm working on.

I'm curious if its possible to have a Mic connected to a main channel input, mute the output to the master (in my case I use both S1 pros for studio monitors, and headphone out from the T4S). I'd like to still be able to send the mic input to the PC (for Streaming, VoIP, etc.) but have the monitoring muted so it doesn't reach the S1 Pros, or I don't hear it in my headphones.

Any thoughts, tips - or confirmation that this isn't possible, would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Re: T4S - Mute Mic Master Out, still send over USB?

Hi Lykwid and welcome to Bose Pro-Portable Community!


I can confirm that when using the USB to PC functionality on the T4S, the output signal to the computer is independent of the Master Out on the T4S Mixer. To clarify, you could simply turn down the master all the way on the mixer and you will still receive the signal on your computer.


Let me know if this helps!

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