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Sep 16, 2019

T4S Scenes - Jacks Out..

Using a T4S, latest firmware and no problems but seeking advice..

I am to do a gig where I want to plug my T4S into a house system.

I realise I can do this via the two TRS out jacks on the back - but here's the thing - I did this one before and got very little signal out of the jacks and in the end had to put my mic into their desk and same with ipad - by-passing my T4S.


Something I did not do was change the scene, I was using a favourite stereo scene as normal, but a friend showed me a "Jacks Output" scene i'd not seen before and therefore not configured.

When using the jacks output is it necessary to dial in the jacks output scene?


I did think that I could use my two L1M2 sets rom the digital outputs and then take a feed from the analogue jacks to a desk - but my experience so far has shown me I can't.


I have a gig this Sunday plugging into a house system - can I use the analogue jack outputs with a normal scene or do I have to select it to get content through them?




Re: T4S Scenes - Jacks Out..

Hey Dave!


You should not have any issues running stereo out from the T4S to the House Desk. I guess there must be some other variables to investigate if the previous attempt at doing this was unsuccessful. A few questions to note:

  • Was the Trim at an appropriate level for your Mic/Instruments?
  • Was the master level set appropriately?
  • Did you also try the setup with the AUX Outputs? (If so was the AUX Output level adjusted Appropriately?)

Try checking out this Gain Staging Demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dhped9GCsg


Hope this helps!

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