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Sep 15, 2020

T4S/T8S Best settings for live streaming music (Studio Quality Vocals)

Hello, I'm just new to this board. I would like to ask support on my newly purchased Bose T4S. I am using this for live streaming Music (vocals and piano) and still not achieving studio quality output.

I'm using the following:

1. Microphone - Rode NT1-A Condenser (I dont know which preset i will select also no idea how to eq)

2. Streaming Software OBS

3. Digital piano (techniques brand)


I am facing low output volume on live stream even all knobs for trim and channel volume are set to 3 o'clock. I cannot set more further because all the noise will be captured by the condenser mic.

Also the sibilance is very audible if reverb added.


these are my settings (already upgraded to the latest version of firmware)

Global Reverb
Type: Plate
Time: 50% 
Bal: 50%
Channel Reverb
Mix: 30%
Bright: 50%  


Compressor Meduim 16db threshold 3db gain

No delay applied.

Preset flat (zeq low= -3db mid=0 high=0) no para eq applied


Can you help me to achieved studio quality output for my streaming. Thank you.






Re: T4S/T8S Best settings for live streaming music (Studio Quality Vocals)

Hi Donster Mgaz,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining us.

If you're experiencing low volume levels, I recommend checking gain staging is optimal for your setup:

  1. Make sure the output volume on the digital piano is set to a healthy level without peaking.
  2. Ensure that the input trim levels for the input channels on the T4S are also sufficiently set - the LED indicators should be showing solid green for a strong signal. 

If you're concerned about the microphone picking up surrounding noise, it may be worth investing in a microphone reflection filter. 

If the audio input is still too quiet in OBS after addressing the points above, this thread may provide some solutions.

Hope this is helpful!