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Mar 9, 2020

Re: T4S says not connected to L1

Friday was contacted by Bose support regarding the issue.  They said they would send me a new L1 power stand and T4S as replacements to rectify the issue.  Told them really did not think it was the T4S, but the power stand and only would need that replaced.  They said could still replace the T4S later if needed.

Told me they were going to send the new L1 power stand, and I had to send the old one back.  Didn't have the chance to send the old power stand back until yesterday.  Figured they would send the replacement when they got the old one.  But they sent it right away!  Got the replacement Tuesday before even sending the old one out.

Plugged the T4S into the new power stand the T4S now recognizes the power stand and displays the power stand version number.  Much better than saying not connected!

Thanks ST for the help on this

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May 11, 2020

Re: T4S says not connected to L1

Hi, edmang.

Thanks for coming back with this update and for telling us you've got things working as they should.