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Mar 29, 2010

T8S lid vs T1 lid

With my T1, the lid slides on and snaps into place and cables connected with the channels can remain in place while keeping the lid on the T1.

With the T8S, the lid is designed to cover the channel connectors at the back ... so with cables connected, you can't place the lid back to keep the T8S covered when not in use. To place the lid on correctly, you'd have to remove all cables that are connected - which is a pain.

To get around this - basically to keep my T8S covered while not playing - I flip the lid so the rear lip sits on the front. The magnets keep it in place, the cables stay in place and all's well! Removing the lid is easy ...

Photos attached to show what I mean (the T8S is on a mic stand with an adapter - 5/8" to 1/4").



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Mar 9, 2020

Re: T8S lid vs T1 lid

Cool idea.  

A question about the cover when used in the standard way to cover the outputs.  Always have a hard time removing it.  Is there any trick that makes it easier?