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Apr 14, 2020

T8S output to L1 Compact and S1 Pro Tone Match question

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Just a couple or questions on the AUX OUTPUT of the T8S.
1. When the Tap Point is set to DRY, does that mean the if I were using a Tone Match preset on the channel, this too would not be passed on via Aux Output? I am planning on using my T8S, with the Tone Match turned on, using EQ and effects, sent to an L1 Compact, via Main Outs, then from the AUX 1, set to DRY, send a totally dry signal to an S1 Pro. So that my singer can set his own sound from scratch. Use his own TONE Match on the S1 Pro, or not. Let him have the option.


2. On the T8S, can I set Channel 1 to Aux 1, Dry then Channel 2 to Aux 2, Dry? When I set the Aux Output on a channel, they seem to be changing all the others channels to that Aux settings. 






Re: T8S output to L1 Compact and S1 Pro Tone Match question

Hey LorenO,

Thanks for your post!


  1. Setting Tap Point to 'Dry' would send the channel to the AUX output completely free of processing, including ToneMatch presets. It would just send the incoming signal unchanged.
  2. You can set different Tap Points for different AUX sends from the same channel, e.g.
    • CH1 - AUX1 - 'Dry'
    • CH1 - AUX2 - 'Post'

Hope this helps!

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