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Dec 22, 2020


Can I attach this mixer (T8S) to the new L1 pro 32 via the tone match cable AND also use the TSR stereo outputs to feed another PA system in case the new L1 32 system isn’t enough for a large venue?  My question is if they can be used simultaneously.  Also, can I hook up another analog mixer to two of the inputs to increase the amount of inputs for other band members?  I am a keyboardist and have 3 keyboards and 1 rack mount sound module so I think I will run out of inputs while playing with my band.



Re: T8s

Hey Cathlabrob,

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This setup would work - the T8S mixer's digital ToneMatch outputs and analogue XLR or 1/4" main outputs can be used simultaneously. You can also connect another mixer to the T8S inputs to give you more available channels. 

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