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ST - Pro
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May 11, 2020

Re: ToneMatch Presets for Takamine

Hi Tom Pernal,

Tom Pernal posted:

I've never been able to update my Bose connected to my Mac. I use the Martin D-28 preset for my Taks and it sounds with a tiny bit of tweaking. 

Here's a link to the latest ToneMatch Updater for Mac.

MAC ToneMatch® Updater Software application for MAC (Supports OSX 10.7 through 10.14.x)

It's also available on this page: ToneMatch Presets

Please watch the video before installing ToneMatch Presets.


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Jan 23, 2005

Re: ToneMatch Presets for Takamine

ST posted:

Hi Matt,

Great to see you again. Hope you're well.


PS Congratulations on the new guitar.

Thanks ST!

Great to hear from you, as always! Things are going well here. I hope the same is true for you. 

I'm just thrilled with the Takamine/Bose L1 Combo! The CTP-3 preamp on the Takamine allows for a dual source. There is a jack on the preamp on the inside for a second pickup that can be blended (via a slider on the preamp) with the Takamine Palathetic pickup. 

The Palathetic pickup isn't lacking in any way to my ear through my L1 systems but I'm going to add another source just for fun. I have the Takamine Tri-Ax 2 magnetic sound hole pickup on order. 

The Tri-Ax appears to be mostly an LR Baggs M80 with a few tweaks and it is supposed to be "system matched to the CoolTube preamp." So I can just run a short little cable from the pickup directly into the CTP-3 preamp and I'm set to go! 

I'm hoping it adds just a bit more body to the sound and also the depth in tone that can come from a good dual source. If not, I always like to carry a spare sound hole pickup just in case so it will serve me well in that capacity.