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Jan 11, 2011

Too much bass with compact in corner

I played a gig where I had to have the Compact in a corner.( actually two large glass doors joining a low ~3'glass wall) The system sounded fine in the rest of the room,but my partner and I were getting too much bass.(I felt if I dialed down the bass in the T1 the room might not sound as good)
I ended up removing one extension to bring more high end to my ear.Lost a little in high dispersion to the room but customers and staff complemented the sound quality.(is it counter intuitive to use a small personal spot monitor for extra highs? I kept thinking it would be nice to have one of the Compact's small drivers serving this purpose!That would make a tiny solution!!)
Is there a logical way to reduce boominess if you have to set up in a corner?I thought maybe elevating the base of the unit would help,but haven't had the opportunity to try this out.
I know they make foam bass traps for studio corners(expensive!!)but not sure they would work as a portable on site solution.
I know other folks have had the same problem from reading the forum:
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Jun 5, 2009

Re: Too much bass with compact in corner

Hi Otis,

What you are experiencing is known as boundary loading, and it happens when any bass speaker is in close proximity to a wall, or even more so in a corner. The best solution is to move the system away from the corner. The next best solution would be to put more distance between yourself (the performer) and the L1 system.

Alternatively, you can try rolling down the bass EQ on the T1 and see how it sounds, or you can try using bass traps, but it may or may not have enough of an effect, and as you mentioned they are not inexpensive.

Let us know if you have any more questions, and thanks for posting.