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Jul 10, 2016

Trouble Separating the Array Pieces on Pro32

The two array columns of the PRO32 are very difficult to separate, I have to put my foot on the base and wiggle them back and forth.  I'm worried the delicate connections can be damaged.  The bayonet locking connection on my L1M2 was superior. Any suggestions?




rory conway
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Jul 16, 2018

Re: Trouble Separating the Array Pieces on Pro32

I’ve noticed the same with my new pro8


the parts don’t slot together as slick as the l1 model 2 I have.  

im assuming it will sort it self out the more times the pa is separated

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Aug 1, 2010

Re: Trouble Separating the Array Pieces on Pro32

Hello again wweiss,


There was a post a long time ago regarding the L1 Compact sections sticking, and a resulting entry in the Bose Wiki here.  They recommended "Tri-Flow Superior Dry Lubricant" ... not applied directly, but with a few drops on a rag and applied to the plastic surfaces.  (The post also pictured a great way to hold the towers for better leverage to separate them, but that's for the lightweight "empty" Compact towers, and not for fully-loaded Pro32 towers! 😀😄)


I'm guessing they use the same plastic in the Pro32, so it might be worth a shot.

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Jul 30, 2018

Re: Trouble Separating the Array Pieces on Pro32

Thanks for posting that about the lubricant, I'll file that away in case I get a Pro8. 

I don't recall ever having a significant issue separating the sticks on my Compact. Just now I set it up and broke it down and everything was perfectly snug without being frustrating to dismantle, and I haven't used it all that much, so not much opportunity for getting better with time.


I wonder if Bose subtly altered the design or manufacturing over the years on the Compact sticks. Or maybe I got lucky, seriously, because any time you pump out thousands of widgets, there are going to be mild variations. With these systems, that's all it would take.