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Apr 11, 2018

Two S1 Pros vs. Bose F1 + Sub System

I currently have the Bose F1 (single) and a single F1 Sub.  Clearly a mono setup.  The space is about 750sq feet - of which the F1 occupies about 1.5-2% of that space.  I find it to be a bit of overkill for my space, and, it is setup in a mono format. In either case, the F1 is receiving a Line In from a 16 channel mixer, and the S1's if I bought them and replaced the F1 would too benefit from a separate mixer.

Things I like:

1) Built in Bass (unlike the L1 Compact that I returned before buying the F1s).  

2) Ability to wall-mount using the standard built in "pole-mount" system.

3) Ability to achieve Stereo!

Things I'm unsure of:

1) In order to achieve stereo, would I simply run separate XLR Line outs to each speaker, Left and Right?  There is a 1/4" Line Out on the S1 Pro, what is that for?  Is it like the F1 where you can pair and connect the various units?

2) Since wall-mounting is preferred, the device would therefor be in the "upright" position, I plan to use a wallmount that can tilt forward or away from the wall" directing the sound a little bit more into the room, instead of being 11' up in the air and playing at a higher elevation (a clear benefit of the F1 where I have it set up in the downward-J position).  I would have prefered to be able to wall mount the unit in the horizontal position.  Are there any problems perceived or otherwise with wallmounting the S1's in this fashion?

3) Clarity wise and volume wise, I know the F1 can output serious undamaged audio at even a relatively low level and has more volume output than the S1s.  On your view, bose community, can a pair of S1s effectively fill a space that's about 25x30x14.5?  

Utilization details:

1) I pretty much use the current F1 system to play "ambient" music, and smaller musicians.

2) Occasionally, the system is set up for Karaoke as well.

Thanks for any pointers/comments!



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May 25, 2004

Re: Two S1 Pros vs. Bose F1 + Sub System

Just a couple of comments.

I don't think the size of the space, in this case, is as critical as knowing what the ambient noise level will be that the music is playing over, or under as the case might be. A loud reverberant room might well be too much for 2 S1's, while a quiet space would be fine.

The dispersion pattern of the S1 Is 40 degree vertical and 100 degree horizontal, when upright. If you lay it on it's side that dispersion pattern changes to 100 degrees in the vertical plane and 40 degrees in the horizontal. I don't think they would cover the nearly square room as well in the "Stage monitor" position. 

If you give up the F1 sub you will not get anywhere near the bass from 2 S1's as you currently get. That would have a significant impact on the way the music is "felt".

The line out on the S1 is to daisy chain additional units, or to run to a house PA, perhaps a satellite system in another room or space, maybe even recording. In short, you can run the line out of an S1 to about any other speaker or PA with a line level input.


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Apr 13, 2018

Re: Two S1 Pros vs. Bose F1 + Sub System

You can daisy chain the S1 Pro with another S1 Pro in monorail. I use a Behringer Xenix 1002B battery powered mixer with my S1 Pro. This gives 9 channels to work with and not require an AC outlet. The mixer takes 3 9V batteries and runs about half as long as the S1, so I carry extra rechargeable NiMH 9V batteries for more time at events.