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Sep 12, 2010

Using 2 L1 Pro 16 with external mixer

Years back I used a pair of L1 model II with 2 x B2 and 2 T1.  I really liked them for a lot of reasons but there were some venues we played that they just weren’t powerful enough.  So, I went in a different direction.  With the new pro series promising more power I’m interested in coming back into the Bose fold if they will do what I am hoping.  First I suppose, I’d like to ask about the power of the Pro 16 compared to the system I used to have.  Would it be substantially more powerful?


Secondly, I intend to use the pair in stereo using my Allen and Heath Qu Pac Mixer and run the mix in stereo.  I don’t hard pan anything just a bit of separation, stereo effects that sort of thing.  With 180 degree sound field would I run into any phase issues?


I have a full in ear monitor system, so a system like this would offer me a few options. Depending on the venue I could either run Pro 16s in front of the band and use the in ears to monitor or i could set them up behind us and monitor directly from the Pro 16s.