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Jun 5, 2019

Would you buy a pair of L1 M1 classics? What to look for?


I am contemplating buying a couple of L1 system(s). This will be my first commercial Bose purchase.

I do mostly sound support for corporate and special events (weddings, etc...) where a large scale video will be shown, background music, wireless mics, etc... 

We have also been asked to start doing a series of outdoor movies with an audience of around 200, hence the upgrade search.

Because I will need a back up system and will likely play stereo (for the outdoor movies), buying (2) identical systems seems to make sense.

(2) L1 Compacts will work with my budget with enough to add a powered sub, but I may be able to do (2) L1 1S systems w/a B1 or B2 as a sale is going on. 

(2) L1M2 systems would definitely be out of my budget, however, I have found several used L1 classics with B1 or B2's systems that are in the $700 to $1000 range. 

Should I consider a couple of these units? Are there any serial number series that I should avoid or any other items that I should be on the lookout for?

I know that these are no longer supported by Bose. 

Any input would be appreciated!

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Jun 3, 2018

Re: Would you buy a pair of L1 M1 classics? What to look for?

Go big or go home! I would look for two used L1B2 systems, get a small loan - if need be, and expand your business. The future belongs to the bold. Go for it! ??

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Nov 9, 2018

Re: Would you buy a pair of L1 M1 classics? What to look for?

I have all 4 systems...the L1 Classic, the L1 M2, the L1 1S and the L1 Compact.  The projection and the brightness is much less with the Classic. The newer systems have more presence and clarity. I would recommend the L1 1S with a B1 or B2 for your needs. The L1 compacts will be underpowered. The L1 1S is outstanding and can handle a crowd of 250 quite easily. You may just need one because they have a 180 degree coverage eliminating the need for 'stereo'.

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Jul 19, 2018

Re: Would you buy a pair of L1 M1 classics? What to look for?

Personally, I would not buy the L1 M1 Classic, my understanding is factory service is no longer available, non starter for me. 


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Jun 4, 2018

Re: Would you buy a pair of L1 M1 classics? What to look for?

I would also go for L1M2 or L1S with a B2 for the needs you mention. Our L1 Classic started exhibiting issues after many years of use. After upgrading to the M2, we’ve never looked back. The M2 has much more even projection and is so much lighter and easier to setup. 

Keep in mind the L1 in and of itself is mono, not stereo. There is no left/right inputs, just one. So if you need stereo with two units, you’ll have to put a stereo mixer of some sort in “front” of them to get a stereo sound. Something wI’ll have to split the sound from the stereo source into a right or left output. 

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May 20, 2006

Re: Would you buy a pair of L1 M1 classics? What to look for?

I would not invest in the classics no longer supported, as you noted. 

My recommendation would be to get 1 model 2 now and add the 2nd when you can afford. 

About 80% of our wedding are done with 1. I bring the other for back up.