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Apr 16, 2020

After I cleared device list in Soundlink Revolve speaker, the speaker won't "remember" new devices

Previously, I had two devices regularly paired to my speakers. I tried to add a third, and realized that only two devices could be active at one time. So I cleared the list. Decided which two devices I would use most often. Re-set the speaker (10 seconds, language suggestion, etc.) Unpaired both of the two devices (phone and tablet) that I wanted to pair. Paired them both successfully. However, the speaker "recognizes" them by name under the third system (a desktop). And every time I turn the speaker off, and on again, I have to manually re-pair whichever device I want to use. It seems like the memory of the speaker is fried, and can't repopulate with a new list of devices.


Suggestions for how to fix this? 


Re: After I cleared device list in Soundlink Revolve speaker, the speaker won't "remember" new de...

Hey Shirley,


That seems very unusual! I appreciate you trying some troubleshooting already to try and amend this. To confirm, you cleared the pairing list (holding Bluetooth for 10 seconds) and also reset the speaker (pressing the Multi-function button for 10 seconds)?


It does seem as if the speaker is slightly confused with the devices connected. What I'd recommend doing one last time is to clear the pairing list and be sure there is no history saved to the speaker. Then, connect one device for memory, power off and see if the speaker responds correctly. Then, connect the second device and try the power off/on the process again.


Finally, you may want to visit the Bose updater site, to ensure your product is running the latest firmware!

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