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Jan 31, 2019

Bluetooth issues

Hi all,

I’ve been having this ongoing issue with my Mini 2 SE. When I first connect my iphone to the speaker after work to listen to some podcasts, the speaker says its connected, but there’s no sound. Sometimes, after a while, audio will start playing if I leave the podcast play (but it sucks having to restart from the beginning every time-everyday). Very rarely it will just start blinking blue and I have to turn it off and on. 

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version, as I always do. Sometimes I reset the device memory on it, but that only worked for awhile on the first Mini.


That’s the thing, I’ve had the same issue when I bought the Mini 1. Then the Mini II came out and I still had the same issue. I now have Mini 2 SE, and it has the same issue. Over the years i’ve own many different iphones, but always the same issue. My friends have connected Androids and it happens to them. Can I ask what Bluetooth version the Mini II SE has?


Re: Bluetooth issues

Hello Jaassoonn, 


Thanks for posting. 


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your speaker. 


To give me a better insight into this issue, can you please confirm:


- Does the issue only occur with the podcast app? What about general music apps?

- What app(s) are you using? 

- What device are you pairing the speaker to?

- Have you tried pairing the speaker to other devices?


Have you also tried to reset the speaker and tried to establish a new connection? On a SoundLink Mini II, you hold the power button for 10 seconds to reset it. 



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