Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

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Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

Hey all.. Just got a new SoundLink Revolve.. When using Spotify, Radio, or Music playback from phone or tablet, it constantly skips.. I read about changing router frequency, as this cannot be done on the SoundLink.. This is not a solution, but a work around.. It is always in range, so not distance.. Does it have an actual solution, as I can playback to my Bluetooth Yamaha Sound Bar, with out issue from all sources and devices. no issues


Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

Hello jazzed,


I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty, but am happy to help!


It sounds like your Revolve may be trying to play music from two different sources simultaneously. To check, let's clear the paired devices list with the following steps:


  1. Make sure the system is on
  2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for approximately 10 seconds
  3. A voice prompt (or tone) will indicate that the stored pairing list has been cleared. The button can be released
  4. Remove the SoundLink from the source device's pairing list (refer to manufacturer for instruction)
  5. Pair and test for function


The SoundLink Revolve can connect to two devices at the same time. When you pair to the speaker, pair one source only. If the stuttering goes away it may be as I suggested.


Let us know if this works!


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support

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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..



I just purchased the Soundlink Revolve+ and am having the same problem.  I went through instructions above and it did not solve the skipping (using iPhone).  When my phone is right next to the speaker it does not skip.  It starts to skip about 10ft away.  Are there any other things I can try to resolve this?  





Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

Hi Lucie,


Thanks for the question, and welcome to the community!


Which iPhone do you have?


Do you know if you are connected to a 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network?  Could you try disabling Wi-Fi entirely to see if that helps with range?


Let me know so we can get this resolved.


Best Regards,

Brandon - Community Support

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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

I am having the same trouble with a new SoundLink Revolve+ 

It was fine the first few days a I used it. Then all of a sudden it skips all the time, and my laptop device is right next to it. And it is the only device connected to the speaker. So I also tried clearing the devices and re-pairing and it didn't resolve the issue.


Our router is set to 2.4G. We have to keep it on that setting according to the person who set up our router and internet. 


Please advise. Because I won't keep the speaker if this issue continues.  

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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

Hi karlynfro,


Thanks for writing in!


Have you also been able to try connecting the speaker to a different device like a phone or tablet?  This will let us know if it's an issue with the speaker or the device.


Warm Regards,

Tony A 

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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

Hi Greg- 

I am having the same issue. 

I clear the speaker's stored pairing list every time.  No luck.  

After reading your list of steps, this time I cleared the speaker's pairing list

and removed the speaker from my computer's pairing list.

Then started clean.

Still no luck.  

I always make sure my phone's bluetooth setting is off so that the phone 

won't be the issue.

The speaker worked great when I first got it, but it's become extremely irritating

with its constant sputtering.

It's only 5 months old and I've had this issue for maybe 6 weeks now.

Do you have any additional advice?


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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

I agree - this is no answer.  I only have 1 bluetooth device and the music is constantly cutting out even when the devices are together.  I've tried different music players but it all comes back to the Bose speaker being the problem.  I'm ready to smash it against the concrete and drive over it with my truck.

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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

I share your frustration.

It always cuts out the most crutial part of dialogue in a movie!

And we chose the expensive one for the quality.

Maybe it's a design flaw.

I'm waiting for a response...  Maybe they've come up with another solution.


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Re: Bluetooth signal skipping and breaking up..

I do not work for Bose.  There seem to be two types of skipping and the like here.


1. There are the ones with the phone.  I have recently noticed that situation suddenly happening with my older Soundlink Mini.  But after a few minutes of doing that things play fine.  I have not seen/heard that situation with either of my Revolve's.  Though I am intrigued about troubleshooting without wifi and then with either a low 2.4 Ghz and high 5 Ghz band of my router.  The room I use it has my eliptical in it.  I had not paid any attention to which band my iphone 7+ (which supports both) connected to.  I do know that in that room when I play the xfinity app to watch TV, it sometimes does a lot of buffering when I'm on the faster 5 Ghz band.  There is no repeater in the middle though I have one and sometimes use it.  So that could have been the inteference or the recent twice performed iOs upgrade to 12.1.2 (two unique versions).  Though to be certain, playing from a music app (versus streaming Internet music app) should not have anything to do with wifi.  I used ecoute and thats when I had the interference.

2. Computer bluetooth (BT) is much more finicky in general.  What works and what doesn't has a lot to do with (1) the operating system, (2) the updates to the operating system, (3) the bluetooth hardware, and (4) the bluetooth drivers.  And that is of course all on the other end trying to communicate with the Bose device.  They honestly all do not work in part or in full.  This signal skipping may be a manifestation of that.  Unfortunately (I am not happy about it) - Bose is in the business and market of mobile phones and tablets.  They put little to no emphasis imho testing and supporting Windows and Mac machines and all the various bluetooth manifestations.  They say there just to many combinations to test for.  So when things don't work, we can not depend on Bose to make changes to its firmware when things go wrong.  For example, right now I am having a problem just on my two revolves not putting out a loud enough sound when bluetoothing to either my laptop or desktop (same USB BT Dongle Solution - SMK Nano with CSR Drivers).  They sound perfected loud when hardwired and my other Bose BT devices (Qc35ii and Soundsport Wired) are also pefectly loud.  You would think that Bose should change the firmware to fix it.  But I am not yet convinced they accept the issue and will make a fix.  I might have to look for yet another dongle to solve the issue OR always wire my revolves to the computer with  a stereo splitter. So in your case, you may be running against the wall trying to get your BT hardware to stop the skipping (if it is not the router or Internet) -- especially if it is Intel.  You may need to disable that hardware and find a USB dongle that works for you.