Bose Music App feature requests

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Bose Music App feature requests

Post your requests for feature adjustments / requests on the Bose Music app.  Make sure to include the device your feature affects (if applicable).


Device: Bose 700NC headphones

Feature: Ability to remove/add noise cancellation presets

Details and description: I don't want a 3-choice system on my NC preset configuration.  I typically only use NC level 10, or turn it off.  In addition, I want my "off" setting to be conversation mode.  Holding down a button to enter convo mode is annoying.  Here's the desired setup I cannot currently achieve:

  1. Press NC button once: conversation mode
  2. Press NC button again: NC level 10 (default)
  3. [n/a - those are the only two choices]

Re: Bose Music App feature requests

Hi SixtyGrit,


Thank you for reaching out!


I have marked your post as a feature request so that the relevant team can view this.


Thank you for your feedback! Have a great day!




Jessie O - Community Support

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Re: Bose Music App feature requests

It looks like there is a workaround:

Option 1: level 10

Option 2: level 10

Option 3: off


Result: doesn't pause music, but swaps between level 10 and 0 seamlessly.