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Nov 18, 2020

Bose Revolve Soundlink won't automatically connect



I have the Bose Revolve Soundlink and this isn't a massive issue, but it's quite frustrating and I can't fix it.


Every time I turn it on, I have to go into the Settings on my iPhone and manually connect the device. When it does connect, the Bose voice says it's connected to the wrong device (although it does work) - it actually randomly says the names of about 6 different devices.


I've tried plugging it into my computer to update the software, and downloaded the app to update it this way, and these don't connect either.


I'm absolutely stuck now. As I said, it still plays music through the device, so it's more annoying than an urgent issue!




Re: Bose Revolve Soundlink won't automatically connect

Hello huttiepant, 


Thanks for reaching out. 


Our Bluetooth speakers, like the Revolve, will always automatically attempt to connect to the last paired device if it is nearby. If you have tried pairing to another device after using the speaker with your iPhone, it may be searching for that, and not the iPhone. 


To be sure the iPhone is the most recent device, I recommend clearing the device list and start fresh. 


1. Power the speaker on.

2. Press the Bluetooth button for around 10 seconds or until you hear "Bluetooth device list cleared."

3. On the iPhone open Settings > Bluetooth.

4. Locate the speaker on the list and tap the ⓘ icon.

5. Tap forget this device, then confirm. 


The speaker should be pulsing blue at this stage, so next: 


6. On Bluetooth settings on the phone, wait for the speaker to appear on the list under OTHER DEVICES. 


If the speaker does not appear, turn the Bluetooth toggle to off, then turn it back on again. 


7. Select the speaker from the device list. 



The speaker should now be connected. Continue to use the speaker, then power it off. Power it back on, then check to see if it re-connects to the iPhone. 


I hope this helps! Please let me know how you get on. 



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