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May 8, 2019

Bose S1 Pro red light

I have a question that may be too basic but I hope you'll still help illuminate me. I've recently bought S1 pro and I love it. I use it for gigs with just one acoustic guitar and vocal. Last week we played a small venue when we had two RCFs and used S1 as a floor monitor. Two singers needed to be heard so through a simple mixer there went a mix of two vocals (one of them had some reverb as effects loop we used Lexicon MX300) via TS jack into S1 Pro's first input. We also played some very loud Nirvana covers and during Rape Me there was red light on the first channel probably for 2-3 seconds. I know from the manual that occassional flashes (up to 1 second) are okay but this was a bit longer. I sort of panicked and turned it off for the rest of the gig (the singer was telling me that it can't hurt the speaker, it's just distortion of the sound but nothing more). Was he right? Next day I played some music through it and it seems okay. Still I'm wondering if longer red lights are okay or not? Thanks a lot!


Re: Bose S1 Pro red light

Hi Nightoul, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. 


I would recommend that you reach out to our Bose Pro Community so that we can assist you further with this. 


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Hector B - Community Support